[AsiaBSDCon Announce] experimental streaming, addtional materials, and banquet

Hiroki Sato hrs at allbsd.org
Sat Mar 13 08:37:27 JST 2010


 As the official page at http://2010.asiabsdcon.org says, we will have
 an experimental video streaming during the last two days.  The
 details can be found on that page.

 Additional materials which are not included in the Proceedings are
 available.  If you come to the venue on 11th or 12th, please pick up
 one at the registration desk.  Note that if you will come to the
 venue from today or later, it is already in your bag.

 Banquet will start at 19:00, Japanese restaurant near JR Iidabashi
 Station, not in the venue.  A separate registration is required; the
 "B" and/or "2" on you badge means you have registered.  If you want
 to register yourself on site, please contact the registration desk
 after lunch.  Also, if you want to cancel the registration, let us
 know as soon as possible.

-- Hiroki
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