[AsiaBSDCon Announce] Call for papers: AsiaBSDCon 2011 in 17-20 March, 2011

Hiroki Sato hrs at allbsd.org
Thu Oct 14 13:17:26 JST 2010


 I would like to announce AsiaBSDCon 2011.  It will be held in 17-20
 March, 2011 in Tokyo (the same venue with the last one).  The details
 and CFP can be found at http://2011.asiabsdcon.org/.

 If you are interested in the last conference in March 2010, visit
 http://2010.asiabsdcon.org/live/.  Papers and videos are available

 The submission deadline is December 20, 2010.  If you have a question
 and/or comment about the conference, please do not hesitate to
 contact secretary at asiabsdcon.org.

-- Hiroki
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