[AsiaBSDCon Announce] AsiaBSDCon 2018 concluded

Hiroki Sato hrs at allbsd.org
Sun Mar 11 19:55:55 JST 2018

Hi all,

 AsiaBSDCon 2018 has been concluded.  For people who were not there,
 videos will be posted to YouTube "bsdconferences" channel.  Papers
 will be available via the official web site soon.  I will send an
 announcement when they are ready.

 The program committee and organizing committee are always looking
 forward to listening to your feedback.  Please do not hesitate to
 send your opinions to secretary at asiabsdcon.org even if it is
 negative.  Although we cannot solve all of the problems immediately
 or cannot promise that we reply to and take a long time to discuss
 them with you, we will do our best for improving the conference based
 on your voice.

 As announced in the closing session, we are planning to hold
 AsiaBSDCon 2019 at the same building and on almost the same dates.
 Please share your experience on AsiaBSDCon with people who were not
 there.  More papers, more people, and more sponsorship are required
 for keeping this conference series running.

 Thank you again for your attendance and participation.  I am looking
 forward to seeing you again in the next year.

-- Hiroki (on behalf of AsiaBSDCon committees)
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