[AsiaBSDCon Announce] COVID-19 situation in Japan and the conference

Hiroki Sato hrs at allbsd.org
Wed Feb 26 00:53:56 JST 2020

Dear AsiaBSDCon 2020 attendees (and past attendees):

 As you probably noticed, coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak is
 becoming serious in Asian region and Japan is also suffering from it

 As of February 24, 32 patients were found in Tokyo (0.00023% of the
 total population in the area).  Several countries issued travel
 alerts, and events in February or early March were cancelled.  Most
 of flights via China mainland are now suspended.

 At this moment, the organizing team plans to hold AsiaBSDCon as
 announced because this situation will not last for a long time.
 However, it can happen/already happened that the number of local and
 Asian attendees is reduced because some local companies forbid
 attending this kind of events in March, or speakers from overseas
 cannot come to Japan due to the travel alerts from their local
 governments or companies.

 Given the situation, we will accept cancellation of your registration
 with 50% cancel fee until March 1st.  Please contact by using the
 registration page.

 If the situation gets worse and Japense (or foreign) government
 issues strict travel ban, there is still possibility to cancel the
 conference.  I will make an announcement with the up-to-date
 information on March 2nd again by email.

-- Hiroki
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